Platinum VIP



If you want to purchase a parking pass, you can do so by CLICKING HERE  or selecting it from the menu. Make sure to add your parking pass to your shopping cart before you checkout, so you don’t have to submit a new order.

You can also add other VIP Packages and Lone Star clothing to the same shopping cart to save the hassle of placing multiple orders.

Select T-Shirt Size, the number of tickets and then click Add To Cart.
* You can only choose one t-shirt size per order.  So, if you order a quantity of two tickets, you’ll get two of the t-shirt size you selected. If you want a different sized t-shirt, you simply will continue shopping on the VIP Platinum page after you place your first order.  You then can place a second ticket order and select the next t-shirt size you would like, then continue to checkout.

  • Multiple orders can be added to one shopping cart.  After placing your first ticket order, simply make another ticket order to add to your cart, then go to checkout after your done placing all your orders.
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