November 4th to November 7th - 2021 - Galveston, Texas

Official Parking Passes/Locations

We encourage you to purchase your parking pass now to avoid long lines and possible limited availability. If purchased by October 25th, you will receive your parking pass in the mail and have instant, no hassle, parking availability at all official lots.  A map of these lots will be included with your parking pass.

“If you decide to wait and purchase your parking pass once you arrive, you may purchase a pass at the entry to Strand Blvd. (on the corner of Strand and 19th Street) as well as any of the official parking lots.

A trolley will be running between the Strand and the Seawall on 25th Street.

* LSR official parking areas are for bikes only. There are multi-level parking garages that allow for car parking.

For any questions call Michelle Penland at 386-682-9582.

CLICK HERE To Download Large Event Map

Downtown Official Parking Areas:

  • On the Strand
  • On  Mechanic Blvd
  • The Harbor House Parking Lot and at any of the lots shown on the map below without any additional fees or charges.
  • On Pier 21 after 5:00pm daily
CLICK HERE To Download Large Event Map

Seawall Official Parking Areas:

  • The Pleasure Pier Parking Lot
  • On Seawall Blvd between 19th and 21st Streets in front of the Galvez Hotel
  • On 23rd Street leading up to Seawall Blvd.
  • On 22nd Street where available